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Seychelles is a country in East Africa on the Indian Ocean. It is made up of more than 100 inhabited or uninhabited islands. The Seychelles are popular as a premium coastal destination. This destination is influenced by western European culture. LestacIndia is representing the DMC of the Seychelles, which is Our intention here is to provide the best prices for Seychelles hotels and tours to travel agents. We are also writing the content on Seychelles tour packages, so travel agencies and end customers can have a basic understanding of the destination.

As per the data, after the resumption of Seychelles destinations, almost 2,000 voyagers travelled to Seychelles until May 2022. The counting is still going on.

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Phone+358 45 73962900
Indian Representative Contact Number+91-9146096727
Indian travel agents can ask for the quote here

DMC of Seychelles

We are thrilled to announce that Seychelles DMC, your premier provider of unparalleled travel experiences in Seychelles, has expanded its reach to India! Now, Indian travel agents have access to Seychelles DMC services, all through a dedicated representative company right here in India.

Seychelles DMC in India About Seychelles DMC: Seychelles DMC is renowned for its expertise in curating unforgettable journeys in the stunning islands of Seychelles. From pristine beaches to lush landscapes, Seychelles DMC specializes in crafting bespoke itineraries that showcase the best of this tropical paradise.

Our Partnership in India: To better serve our valued clients in India, Seychelles DMC has partnered with Lestac, an esteemed Indian company, to act as our official representative. This means that Indian travel agents can now enjoy seamless access to Seychelles DMC services, all while dealing with a local company right in their own country.

Our mission is to make it easy for travel agents to promote the Seychelles as a destination. Most of the agencies are not comfortable promoting the Seychelles due to a lack of proper access to prices. Our team is always ready to provide knowledge sessions on the destination of the Seychelles.

How do I get a quote forSeychelles tour Packages?

If you want to get a quote for Seychelles tour packages, share the query at – Our customer service executive will get in touch with you. We will not only provide the quote but will also explain the destination to you and answer all your questions.

How the payment will be Coordinated?

Once your client finalizes the deal, we will confirm the activities and hotels. The payment time limit will be given to you, depending on the season. You will not have to make remittances to the Seychelles bank account. The invoice will be shared with the account number, where you may make the payment.

What are the documents required to process the booking?

The documents required to process the booking are:

  • Pan Card of client
  • Passport copies of client
  • TCS challan copy paid by the agency for client’s booking

We are one of very few Seychelles DMCs, and we understand the responsibility. The destination is required to be promoted among customers. It has potential but requires trustworthy involvement. We, as Seychelles DMC, are ready to give our 100% effort to make it possible for you.

How to Connect: Indian travel agents can now reach out to Lestac, our dedicated representative company in India, to inquire about Seychelles DMC services, book travel packages, and more. Get in touch with Lestac today to start planning your clients’ dream vacations in Seychelles!

Contact Details:

Contract Agreement

Effective Date: 19 Jan, 2022

Partnership Agreement Overview: This Agreement formalizes the partnership between Seychelles DMC and Lestac for the representation of Seychelles DMC’s travel services in India.

Representing Rights: Seychelles DMC hereby grants Lestac the exclusive right to act as its official representative in India, empowering Lestac to promote and facilitate Seychelles DMC’s travel services in India.

Scope of Services: Lestac shall promote Seychelles DMC’s services to agents in India, including arranging transportation, accommodations, tours, and other related services.

Payment Collection: Lestac is authorized to collect payments on behalf of Seychelles DMC rendered to clients in India, promptly remitting payments to Seychelles DMC as per the agreement.

Communication: Seychelles DMC shall liaise with Lestac, providing necessary assistance and support from its team based in Seychelles.

Confidentiality: Both parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of any proprietary information exchanged during the term of this agreement.

Term and Termination: This Agreement shall remain valid until terminated by either party with prior written notice.

Governing Law: This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Seychelles.

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