Read details about redevelopment Tenders for New Delhi Railway Station

New Delhi, India – Indian Railways faces challenges in finding a suitable bidder for the Rs 4,700 crore tender for the redevelopment of New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS). To avoid delays, officials are considering dividing the tender into smaller ones to expedite the bidding process and initiate the execution of the project. The Railway Land Development Authority (RLDA) has already initiated a separate tender for the construction of a multi-modal transit hub on the Paharganj side of the station, requiring an investment of Rs 440 crore.

Table: New Delhi Railway Station Redevelopment Tender Details

Tender SegmentInvestment Required (in Rs Crore)Description
NDLS Redevelopment4,700Comprehensive redevelopment of New Delhi Railway Station, including infrastructure upgrades and modernization.
Multi-modal Transit Hub440Construction of a multi-modal transit hub on the Paharganj side of the station to enhance connectivity and access.
New Delhi Railway Station Redevelopment Tender Details

Key Points:

  1. Tender Challenges: Indian Railways encounters difficulty in securing a bidder for the Rs 4,700 crore NDLS redevelopment tender.Division Strategy: To accelerate progress, officials contemplate breaking down the tender into smaller segments for faster bidding and implementation.Multi-modal Transit Hub: RLDA has launched a separate tender for a multi-modal transit hub on the Paharganj side, needing Rs 440 crore investment.Withdrawn Tender: The recent NDLS redevelopment tender was withdrawn in early February due to unresolved issues, including concerns about constructing a curved road over the tracks.Efficiency Enhancement: Dividing the tender aims to enhance the efficiency of the redevelopment process and ensure competitive valuations.Challenges in Redevelopment: Major challenges include redeveloping congested areas like Ajmeri Gate and Paharganj, heavily populated localities surrounding the station.

  1. Government Ownership: All land required for the project is government-owned, facilitating planning and execution.Office Space Conversion: Railways plan to convert existing office space into commercial establishments and pedestrian thoroughfare.Improved Coordination: RLDA has engaged with various government departments to obtain necessary approvals, indicating improved coordination and progress.Redesigned Station: The revamped NDLS will cover 1.5 crore square meters, featuring commercial developments to generate revenue.Multimodal Transportation Hub: It aims to connect seamlessly with the airport and the city, catering to nearly 5 lakh daily visitors.Phased Renovations: The station will undergo phased renovations, with sections closed for up to four months at a time to facilitate project progress.

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