Our Finland tour from Hyderabad

Hello reader, I am Akshay Bellubi, presenting our experience of the Finland tour from Hyderabad.I would also like to thank Lestacworld for providing me with a platform where I can express and make my thoughts public. My intent in writing this article is to spread information about how to plan an itinerary to Finland from India, or, to be precise, from Hyderabad.

Finland tour from Hyderabad

Well, I will classify this article into the following aspects, which I believe will make it easier for the readers to understand and get the most out of it:.

  • Market research on Finland tour packages from India
  • Itinerary customisation
  • Trip Preparations
  • On-the-ground experience in Finland
  • Lestacworld’s review on services while on Finland tour

Market research on Finland tour packages from India

Me and my family are frequent holiday travellers. We love exploring the world. I don’t remember a single year of my life in which we didn’t go on a holiday trip, be it international or domestic.So this gave me a basic understanding of performing research on itineraries and inclusions.Our Finland trip from Hyderabad got finalised after extensive research.

When you look for Finland tour packages from India, you end up landing on MMT, SOTC, Travel Triangle, and some other big fish pages. We have already rubbed hands with these big travel agencies, and we have had terrible experiences. They may sell services, but the channel of communication is too complex. When you are on tour, even if you are facing a big issue, you won’t be able to connect with them on time. This was going to be my honeymoon trip, and I definitely didn’t want to get into that trap.

Then I started researching other reliable options for my Finland trip.I landed up on Lestacworld.com through a Google search, and there we connected. I liked the approach, knowledge, and personalised assistance.Instead of all these things, the company profile was unknown. I researched more about it and got to know that they are registered not only in India but also in the USA.

Then we read their reviews and some articles on ANI and business standards for their services in Finland. Finally, after extensive research, we decided to book with them.

Itinerary customisation

The major difference we observed between Lestacworld and other travel agencies for Finland tours is that when we used to ask them for customisation, other agencies used to take at least 48–56 hours to revert back on that. On the counter, Aryan from Lestacworld used to give us instant answers at no cost. This gave us the idea that Lestacworld has a specialization in Finland.My wife had certain interests in Finland and we wanted our itinerary to revolve around that, Aryan understood the requirements and worked accordingly.

We wanted to visit Inari instead of Lapland. We asked numerous agencies in Finland for this, but no one came up with the itinerary we wanted. Lestacworld gave us an amazing stay option in Inari, amazing Suana options, an icebreaker tour, and Santa Clause Village. As per my observation, getting an itinerary customised with Lestacworld was the easiest and most convenient.You say it, and they will present it.

Trip Preparations

We, as Hyderabadis, rarely experience winters, and it was going to be the harshest weather. We were nervous about our preparations for the Finland tour from Hyderabad. Frankly, none of us had experience buying warm clothes. Aryan recommended that we rent some clothes from Finland only.We were not convinced by that, and rightly so.The cost of renting the clothes was more than buying them from Hyderabad.

We decided to buy it from Decathlon. We got good inside warmers, gloves, caps, jackets, and snow shoes from there, for which we paid around 20,000 INR per couple. And trust me, it was worth every single penny.

Other than that, we did international roaming recharge; however, I would recommend getting internet in the package.

On-the-ground experience in Finland

Well, finally, we arrived in Finland on December 15, 2023, and Helsinki was too cold. Our first thought was, if Heslinki is that cold, what should we expect from Rovaniemi?

We were picked up from Heslinki Airport and dropped off at the Radisson Blu Plaza in Helsinki in a nice, comfortable car. Wow, the city is amazing. We went inside the hotel, checked in, took a bath, and went into the warm bed. In the evening, we realized that days are going to be short and we will have to fight the cold to explore the country to the fullest. That was the moment when we stood up and won the fight in chilling weather for the first time.

The service of Lestacworld in Finland was outstanding. We were given the number of customer support agents that were responsive.Our airport pickups, stays, and tours were perfectly organised without any hiccups.

Lestacworld’s review on services while on Finland tour

I am so obsessed with the service that I think in the above content I have written everything about it. Guys, LestacWorld is the best travel agency if you are looking to book a Finland tour from Hyderabad. Starting from the itinerary customisation until your return to Hyderababd from Finland, they will never make you feel alone.

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