Our Seychelles tour from Mumbai

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Hey Eveyone, I’m Medha, and I’m super excited to share the incredible experience of our Seychelles tour from Mumbai. By the way, me and my husband are from Karnataka, so we had to travel to the Seychelles from Mumbai because there were no good options for Seychelles from other cities in India. So this basically means that if you want to do the Seychelles tour from India, you will have to do it from Mumbai. If you’re looking for a slice of paradise for your tour of the Seychelles, read on!

The planning phase of our Seychelles tour from Mumbai

Deciding on the perfect destination for our honeymoon was a task. I’m originally from Bangalore, and the choices were endless. After much contemplation and a bit of confusion, we stumbled upon the Seychelles. A destination that promised pristine beaches, azure waters, and an experience like no other.

Our journey began with some help from Lestacworld.com, a name that came highly recommended. A dear friend, Nana Saheb, had an amazing Bali experience with Lestacworld, and after hearing the glowing reviews, we decided to entrust them with planning our Seychelles adventure.

We embarked on our dreamy escapade on January 20th, a date etched in our hearts. The tour was for six nights, and the cost, including TCS, was Rs 328,000. We opted for a luxurious stay in 4-star hotels, adding that extra touch of indulgence to our romantic getaway.

Itinerary for our Seychelles tour from India

Itinerary Highlights:

Day 1Arrival, Transfer, Check-In, Scuba Diving, day end
Day 2Transfer to Praslin + Check-in to Praslin hotel
Day 3Full Day Excursion of Cousin, Curieuse and St Pierre Islands from Praslin Island
Day 4Free Day
Day 5Transfer to Mahe + Checkin to Hotel
Day 6St.Anne Marine National Park Reef Safari with Lunch on a Sic Basis
Day 7Mahe City Tour +Departure
Medha’s Seychelles tour Itinerary

Execution of our Seychelles tour by lestacworld.com !

It’s truly a pleasure to hear about your seamless arrival experience in Seychelles! Mr. Damien, our dedicated driver, ensures a professional and comfortable transition from the airport. We understand the importance of a swift and hassle-free journey, and we’re thrilled to learn that you were out and about within just 35 minutes of landing at Mahe.

Coral Strand as accommodation was a fantastic recommendation by lestacworld, especially with its convenient proximity to the picturesque Beau Vallon beach – perfect for indulging in water sports and beachfront relaxation. We’re delighted that we arrived at the hotel after what can be a hectic flight and still managed to secure an early check-in.

The fact that we wasted no time and dove straight into the adventure with a Fixed Scuba dive is absolutely amazing! The underwater world of Seychelles is indeed breathtaking, and we’re thrilled that we did this. Moments like these that make a journey truly unforgettable.

Till now we were tired and slept once we reach back to our room.

Next day was again perfectly planned and executed, we checkout went to the harbour on their private car, took ferry pre booked by them and reach Praslin where again we were picked up and dropped to hotel. Perfect, smooth and hassle free.

We did amazing island tours in Praslin, never to be missed. Cousin, Curieuse and St Pierre Islands were amazingly perfect and well planned.

After enjoying in Praslin, we went back to Mahe. Here we did city tour. What an amazing city to explore Mahe is.

Overall, this 6-night Seychelles tour gave us amazing memories that we will never forget.

Birthday Celebration in Seychelles

A special thanks to Lestacworld for arranging a beautiful cake for my husband’s birthday in the Seychelles. We went for breakfast in the morning and were treated to an amazing surprise by the hotel staff. Staff came to us where we were sitting and started singing “Happy Birthday to you” with the cake. We felt amazing, thanks to Lestacworld for arranging it.

Venkatesh Birthday Celebration in Seychelles, Thanks to Lestacworld

Some questions I had in mind that you can be helped with are:

Is Seychelles visa on arrival for Indians ?

Yes, Seychelles visa is on arrival for Indians and free of cost, however there is a catch. One is required to get pre approval before arriving Seychelles. The pre approval fee depends on how late you are applying for it or in other words, how early you want it. For example if you can wait till 24 hours, the cost will be 10 Euros per person and if you need it in 1 hour it will cost around 75 Euros per person.

What currency should you carry for Seychelles tour ?

You should carry Euros for Seychelles tour. SCR can also be the option, however it will be very difficult to get it in India and even if you get it, its charge will be very high because the currency is very rare.

How Expensive food is in Seychelles ?

Well, if one is eating in a normal restaurant the average order value per person per meal goes around 25 Euros.

Which is the best airlines to travel to Seychelles from India ?

Well, Air Seychelles gives the best flight option from India, however as of now it is operating from Mumbai only.

Is English Widely spoken in Seychelles ?

Yes, as per our experience, English is mostly understood by everyone in Seychelles.

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