Medha and her husband being warmly picked up from Mahe Airport by Mr. Damien, commencing their enchanting Seychelles tour from Mumbai with Lestacworld.
Embarking on a dreamy Seychelles adventure! Medha and her husband greeted by Mr. Damien at Mahe Airport, marking the beginning of their unforgettable Seychelles tour from Mumbai with Lestacworld.

Our Seychelles tour from Mumbai

Hey Eveyone, I'm Medha, and I'm super excited to share the incredible experience of our Seychelles tour from Mumbai. By the way, me and my husband are from Karnataka, so we had to travel to the Seychelles from Mumbai because there were no good options for Seychelles from other cities in India. So this basically means that if you want to do the Seychelles tour from India, you will have to do it from Mumbai. If you're looking for a slice of paradise for your tour of the Seychelles, read on!


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