Our Finland tour from Chennai

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Hello Everyone, I am Srijith, and I went on a Finland tour from Chennai with my wife, Shwetha, on my honeymoon in December 2023.The trip was organised by Lestacworld, and it went as well as expected. Me and my wife spent seven amazing nights in Finland, which were absolutely unforgettable.

How did we plan our Finland tour from Chennai?

To be very frank, initially we thought of booking everything on our own, and we started planning that also. We tried communicating with local vendors in Finland, but soon we realised that it was Scandinavian Europeans.It is very difficult for them to talk to you in an explanatory manner; they actually don’t even respond. Also, if by any chance they talk to you and you end up booking with them, they have no source of receiving money from international borders.

After some days, we decided to quit on our own and go with the professionals. Guess what! Finding a professional for a Finland tour from Chennai is also not an easy task.You will find many agencies claiming that they are the best in Finland, but many times we realised that they had less knowledge of Finland than us.Other than them, you connect with big agencies where they have products but without a personalized touch.

One fine day, Shwetha was exploring Finland, and she ended up on a review article where a couple from Bangalore gave their review of Lestacworld.com for their Finland trip. The article by the couple was so magnificent, we then only decided to connect with Lestacworld.com. Finally, we caught up with Aryan on the phone, and we and he planned our amazing Finland tour from Chennai.

How our trip went

Well, if we leave a few hiccups here and there, it was perfectly planned and executed. They have their local customer support number in Finland, which helps a lot.Our pickups were on time, hotel selection was perfect, and domestic flight timings were perfectly matching itinerary inclusions.

On arrival, our language was delayed because of the airline’s fault, and it took us time to come out of the airport. The driver left the airport after waiting for an hour. However, we reached out to Lestacworld’s support number, and they arranged for the other car, for which we had to pay.Other than this issue, everything went smoothly and perfectly.

Aryan’s suggestion of doing a Tallin tour was the icing on the cake. Tallin is an amazing and beautiful town, which made our Finland tour far more commendable.

Our Finland tour Inclusions

  • Direct Flights from Delhi to Helsinki (Chennai to Delhi, we managed our own)
  • Hotel Accommodations
    • 1 night stay in Helsinki
    • 2 nights Stay in Ivalo (Igloo)
    • 2 nights stay in Rovaniemi city
    • 1 night stay in Tallinn
    • 1 night stay in Helsinki
  • Breakfast in hotels
  • Domestic flights
  • Snowmobile tour
  • Sampo Kemi Icebreaker Tour
  • Santa Claus village tour
  • Husky ride
  • Ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki


  • Do try to connect with Aryan when you plan it (our observation is that he is specialised in Finland)
  • Instead of renting clothes, better buy one from Chennai. Even renting clothes will be expensive
  • Do surely visit Tallinn in Estonia. The city is amazing
  • Be ready to spend at-least 8–10 lakhs if you are couple (That includes every thing and personal expenses in Finland)
  • Don’t be afraid of winter; you will get used to it in 24 hours.
  • Make Alcohol your friend; that is a necessity
  • Be on time for pickups; they are very punctual about timings in Scandinavia
Finland WhatsApp chat number +358 45 73962900
India WhatsApp chat number +919146096727
Contact details of Lestacworld for Finland tour packages

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