Keeping Visitors Safe: Kamakura Enforces Rules at Slam Dunk Railway Crossing to Prevent Incidents

In an effort to address safety concerns and mitigate disruptions caused by tourists, the Kamakura Municipal Government in Kanagawa, Japan, has implemented measures to manage visitor behavior at a popular tourist spot inspired by the anime and manga series, Slam Dunk.

  1. Security Guards on Duty: Since 2017, security guards have been stationed at the railway crossing in Kanagawa during weekends and holidays. In fall 2023, additional guards were deployed on weekdays to ensure visitor safety and compliance with regulations.
  2. Enhanced Police Presence: To further enforce safety measures, an active police box has been established near the crossing, with regular patrols conducted by police vehicles to monitor the area and address any issues promptly.
  3. Verbal Communication of Rules: Security guards are equipped with the necessary language skills to communicate important safety instructions, such as “Don’t step onto the road,” to tourists, ensuring clear understanding of the rules.
  4. Upcoming 24/7 Security Coverage: In the coming months, the area will have two security guards present round-the-clock to maintain order and prevent unauthorized activities, providing a more robust security presence.

According to officials from the Kanagawa urban planning division, verbal communication of the rules has been effective in conveying concerns to visitors, leading to improved compliance.

Mayor Takashi Matsuo of Kamakura expressed gratitude for the cooperation of the police in maintaining safety at the railway crossing, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts in creating a safer environment for tourists and residents alike.

The railway crossing in Kamakura has gained popularity among Slam Dunk fans, attracting a steady stream of visitors interested in the iconic location featured in the manga series by Takehiko Inoue.

VIZ Media, the publisher of Slam Dunk manga, describes the series as a captivating story of basketball and romance that has captivated readers worldwide.

With these proactive measures in place, Kamakura aims to ensure a safer and more enjoyable experience for tourists while preserving the cultural significance of the iconic railway crossing.

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