Places to see in Amritsar other than Golden temple ?

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Every one know the Holy Gurudwara in Amritsar but people also wants to know the Places famous in Amritsar other than Golden Temple . We have done the researched analysis to find famous places in Amritsar other than Golden temple and wagha border:)

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Famous Places

in Amritsar other than

Golden temple and Wagha Border

Santokhsar Sahib

  1. Santokhsar Sahib
  2. Durgiana temple
  3. Martyr’s well
  4. Beri Baba Budha Ji
  5. Valmiki Tirath Sthal
  6. Darshani Deori
  7. Gandhi gate
  8. Gurudwara Guru ka mahal
  9. Mata Lal Devi Mandir
  10. Amritsar entrance gate
  11. Maharaja Ranjit Singh garden
  12. Aath-Saath Tirath
  13. India Gate, Amritsar
Santokhsar , Amritsar

Gurdwara Santokhsar Sahib, adjoining the Harmandir Sahib, is the historical Sikh shrine with one of the five holy tanks that were constructed by Guru Arjan Dev Ji. The excavation of this sacred pool was started by Guru Ram Das Ji as per the instructions of the then Sikh guru and his father-in-law, Guru Amar Das Ji. Guru Arjan Dev Ji completed the digging of the bathing tank between 1587 and 1589 with the help of Baba Buddha.

Durgiana temple

Durgiana Mandir Amritsar
Famous Places in Amritsar other than Golden Temple and Wagha Border ?

The Durgiana Temple also known as Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Durga Tirath and Sitla Mandir, is a premier temple situated in the city of Amritsar, Punjab, India. Though a Hindu temple, its architecture is similar to the Golden Temple

Martyr’s well (Jaliawala Bagh)

Martyr's well (Jaliawala Bagh) Famous Places in Amritsar other than Golden Temple and Wagha Border ?

Martyrs’ well & statue amid landscaped gardens commemorating victims of Jallianwala Bagh massacre.The innocent armless civilians, scared of the bullets of the soldiers who were firing at them during the massacre of Jalianwala Bagh

Beri Baba Budha Ji

Famous Places in Amritsar other than Golden Temple and Wagha Border ?

Baba Budha (whose original name was Bura) was born in village Kathu Nangal in October 1506 to Bhai Sugha Randhwa and Mata Gauran Ji.

Once Sri Guru Nanak Sahib Ji was returning to Kartarpur, the boy Bura while grazing his cattle near village Ramdas, saw him and presented milk with great reverence.

Valmiki Tirath Sthal

Bhagwan Valmiki Tirath Asthan is temple panorama complex and an important historical monument of Valmikis located at Bhagwan Valmiki Tirath road of Amritsar city. Since 1 December 2016, it has an 8 foot tall 800 kg gold plated idol of Lord Valmiki in main section.

Darshani Deori

The main entrance leading to the pathway to Harmandir Sahib is known as Darshani Deori. As soon as Guru Granth Sahib is taken for Sukh Asan (for Rest at Night) to Akal Takhat Sahib, the gates of Darshani Deori are closed from inside. The sewadar (attendants) on duty will allow only devotees with special permission from the Gurdwara authority for taking part in the night sewa (cleaning and washing of the sanctum sanctorum). Every morning devotees gather in front of the gate of Darshani Deori, recite the Shabads (hymns) till the gates are opened for the day. On one side of Darshani Deori there is a room meant for booking of Akhand Path, Ragis and on the other side is a room for keeping Palanquin.

Gandhi gate (Hall Gate)

Famous Places in Amritsar other than Golden Temple and Wagha Border ?Hall gate

This gate is famously known as Hall Gate in Amritsar named after one of the British officers. Usually, a lot of traffic is there outside it is one of the 12 gates of Amritsar. It is not usually a tourist place but one of the oldest market of Amritsar where you can feel the culture

Gurudwara Guru ka mahal

This place was the home to Guru Ram Das and his family, who founded the city of Amritsar by excavation of the pool of holy nectar. Guru Arjan Dev and Guru Hargobind were also married here

Mata Lal Devi Mandir

Mata Lal Devi Mandir is dedicated to Lal Devi. Lal Devi was a female saint in the 20th century. Mata Lal Devi is also popularly known as pujya data that is respected mother figure by her devotees. She is a very revered figure.

Lal Devi Mandir was built in 1989 in the region of rani bagh in Amritsar city. Mata Lal Devi Mandir is also known as Mother India temple.

Amritsar entrance gate

here are 4 such gates installed in the city, one at each main entrance. These are located at Amritsar-Jalandhar road, Amritsar-Attari road, Amritsar-Batala road and Amritsar-Tarn Taran road. The design of the gates was proposed by the Guru Nanak Dev University.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh garden

In 1818Maharaja Ranjit Singhthe first Sikh Ruler got constructed thisgardenwhere 14 feet high boundary wall was used and thegardenwas spread on a large area.

Aath-Saath Tirath

While moving in the outer parikarma of Harmandir Sahib, around the holy pool of water, next to Dukh Bhanjani Beri is the place known as Ath Sath Tirath, signifies that any one taking a dip here with devotion will have benefit of visit to 68 holy places. The marble palanquin on the raise platform, is the place where small pothis (manuscripts) of Gurbani were kept after they were obtained from the families of Gurus.

India Gate, Amritsar

Famous Places in Amritsar other than Golden Temple and Wagha Border ? India Gate Amritsar

Punjab is the sword arm of the country and has been on the invasion route to the heart land of India since, the beginning of the recorded history. It is an amazing reality that the heroic people of this land across gender have never reneged on their duty towards the Idea of India in terms of living and dying by the military ethos of ‘Naam, Namak, Nishan’ (Honour, Integrity, Flag). This gate depicts the same

These are the famous places in Amritsar except Golden temple and wagha border:) Do put your comments to let us know if you want to know more about it 🙂

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