Is it safe to rent a car in Finland ?

Is it safe to rent a car in Finland ? – Dreaming of witnessing the enchanting Northern Lights, my husband and I embarked on a journey to Finland. March marked our first visit to this breathtaking country, filled with snowy landscapes and the promise of celestial wonders. Renting a car in Finland became our key to unlock the hidden treasures of this remarkable destination. In this blog, I will share our unforgettable experiences, highlighting the safety and ease of renting a car in Finland. Join me as I recount our adventures, from exploring Helsinki to gazing at the starry skies in Rovaniemi’s glass igloo hotel.

The experience is being narrated by Ms Nora of renting a car in Finland.

Rented Car detailsFacts
Duration7 nights
PolicyFuel to Fuel
InsuranceFully Covered
PickupHelsinki airport & Rovaniemi airport
DropHelsinki airport & Rovaniemi airport
Rented car sourceClick here
Details of our Rented car

Is it safe to rent a car in Finland ?

Upon our arrival in Helsinki, we were greeted by a crisp winter ambiance and a sense of excitement for the journey ahead. Renting a car from the Helsinki Airport provided us with the freedom to explore the city and its surrounding attractions. Helsinki’s efficient road infrastructure and clear signage made navigating the city a breeze. With safety as our top priority, we embraced the driving culture in Finland, which prioritizes adherence to traffic rules and emphasizes the importance of caution.

Then we moved on to Rovaniemi

Taking a flight to Rovaniemi, we found ourselves amidst the Arctic wonderland known as Santa Claus’ official hometown. Renting a car from Rovaniemi Airport allowed us to seamlessly transition into our next adventure. As we embarked on the snowy roads, we were captivated by the picturesque landscapes and pristine surroundings. Finland’s dedication to maintaining road conditions, even during harsh winters, provided us with a secure and enjoyable driving experience.

Our experience of renting a car in Finland

Our rented car became our trusted companion as we journeyed deeper into the Finnish Lapland. We discovered the Santa Claus Village, where we met the jolly man himself, and explored the natural wonders of Ranua Wildlife Park. Throughout our travels, we encountered friendly locals who shared their knowledge and tips for safe driving in the region. Their warm hospitality made us feel at ease, further solidifying our confidence in renting a car in Finland.

Safe Finland

If you are thinking to rent a car in Finland for your trip and wondering is it safe to rent a car in Finland, then stop worrying about it. Finland’s commitment to road safety is evident in the disciplined driving culture and well-maintained roads. The Finnish people prioritize responsible driving, adhering to speed limits and respecting other motorists. The country’s comprehensive winter maintenance ensures roads are cleared of snow and ice promptly. Our experiences driving through various weather conditions, such as light snowfall, further reinforced the effectiveness of Finland’s road management systems.

We witnessed Northern lights

As the nights grew darker, our anticipation reached its peak. Our rented car provided the flexibility to chase the elusive Northern Lights, away from light pollution, in search of the perfect vantage points. The culmination of our journey came with two unforgettable nights in a glass igloo hotel, where we were treated to celestial spectacles from the comfort of our cozy accommodation. The safety and convenience of our rental car allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in this magical experience.


Our Finland adventure left an indelible mark on our hearts, and renting a car played a significant role in making our trip extraordinary. From Helsinki to Rovaniemi, we navigated the roads of this beautiful country with confidence and ease. Finland’s commitment to safety, efficient road infrastructure, and considerate driving culture make renting a car a safe and enjoyable option for exploring the country. Embrace the freedom of the open road and embark on your own Finnish adventure, knowing that renting a car in Finland is a reliable and secure choice.

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