Is it safe for Indians to travel to the Maldives during this political imbalance?

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In today’s scenario of political imbalance between India and the Maldives, travellers are wondering if it is safe for Indians to travel to the Maldives.”Paradise” is becoming an island of uncertainty for Indian travellers. We would not want to discuss the political incident; however, the social media grilling from either side was inevitable. That shows that there are differences that have arisen between Indians and Maldivians.

Is it safe for Indians to travel to the Maldives right now?

Well, to understand this, we need to dig into the mindsets of the Maldivian general public towards Indians. Though usually island resorts are the destination of Indian tourists in the Maldives, locals also have influence over these resorts.

Mindset of Local Maldivian among Indian Tourists

The Maldives is a peaceful country with few minor incidents of unrest. Moreover, they are mostly dependent on tourism, and that can’t be compromised.The Maldives as a nation was very friendly with India, and both were amazing allies.It was after the recent change in the Maldivian government that the policy shift took place. The new government of the Maldives is said to be anti-Indian and inclined towards China.

When this new government was in opposition, they gave all their efforts to building an anti-India narrative among local people. This anti-India narrative worked for them, and they were able to influence the majority. So if we talk about the mindset of local people towards Indians, there is uncertainty, and we cannot deny the new narrative.

Are Maldives Island resorts safe for Indian tourists ?

Well, technically, yes it is safe. Mostly all the resorts follow international standards and cannot afford any black spot of safety issues on their names. Its been decades that Indian tourists are visiting these island resorts safely.

How Island resorts in Maldives Treat Indian tourists ? As a travel blog and tourism company we have had many different incidences that we want to quote here.

Once in 2019 our client booked an Island resort in Maldives through us. The whole payment was made and it was only a week left for the start of tour. Suddenly one of the relative in the family of passengers died and they were not able to travel. When this was put infront of the island resort, they understood the situation and agreed for full refund. This type of Understanding is usually rare now a days in travel industry.

In another incident, one of our client faced rude behavior of a local staff in the Island resort. The guest highlighted that the resort staff was not properly treating Indians in a good way. They said, when it is about other foreign white nationalities, the staff had different well man-nerd behavior if we compare it with their behaviour with Indians.

In 2022, one of our client went to the resort, transfers for which were booked by client only. When they reached resort, it denied that guest has already paid for transfers. They kept on asking huge amount for transfers. Staff misbehaved, yelled and shouted at guest and later they came to know that payment was already paid by guest and it was the mistake of their accounts team. Guest told us that one of the staff said ” You Indians are not trustable, would it have been other nationalities we would have trusted them but not you”.

These are few of the Incidences, many were amazingly good and few were bad. Not good incidences does not showcase the overall industry of Maldives .

Is Maldives safe for Indian tourists in the current Scenario ?

Yes, as of now it is safe for Indian tourists to visit Maldives. However it is also suggested to keep in mind the political ongoing between both the governments. It is predicted that Maldives tourism Industry will shift its focus from Indian to chinese market in the coming years. If it is the case, Indians should should keep an understanding if Maldivians are still welcoming Indians or not.

Should i travel to Maldives in current scenario ?

This decision should not be forced on any one. It should be individuals understanding. One should not get influenced by any social media narrative and on the other hand, one should have understanding of the situation also.

Is there a decrease in the cost of Maldives tour packages in the current scenario ?

Well, it should have been the case, however it has been observed that people have started enquiring more about Maldives. People are seeing it as an opportunity assuming that prices will come down and they will end up visiting Maldives in lesser prices. However, my friend this is not the case.

Are there chances of flight suspension between Maldives and India ?

Well, flight suspension due to political unrest between Maldives and India is not a possibility until and unless there is a war type situation and that is not going to happen. Some agencies who have announced suspension, it is the suspension of their services for Maldives and not airlines services. No travel agency represents Airlines.

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