India Emerges as Key Market: New York City Braces for 14% Jump in Indian Tourist Arrivals

3.8 L Indians Are En Route To New York In 2024; NYC Anticipates 14% Surge In Indian Tourists

By Ruchita Bhatt Updated: February 7, 2024

A cohort of Indians who have grown up watching American movies and sitcoms set in New York City. From shopping on the 5th Avenue to strolling in Central Park, we are familiar with this city even if we have never visited. That’s why it’s no shock that approximately 3,83,000 Indian travelers are projected to visit New York City in 2024. Continue reading to discover more about how India is emerging as a significant tourist market for NYC.

14% Increase In Indian Travellers From 2023 In New York City

  • According to New York City Tourism + Conventions, New York City welcomed 3,36,000 Indian travelers in 2023. This year, the number is estimated to rise to 3,83,000 – a commendable 14% hike from the prior year.
  • The Big Apple is currently witnessing a tourism rebound, achieving a recovery of 93% of its pre-pandemic visitation levels recorded in 2019.
  • The authorities reported that a total of 61.8 million travelers visited NYC in 2023. In 2024, the city is prepared to welcome 64.5 million visitors, aligning with pre-pandemic tourist levels.

Why Is India A Significant Market For NYC Tourism?

  • Given the substantial influx of tourists from India, NYC tourism has acknowledged the importance of this market.
  • NYC Tourism + Conventions has collaborated with the Indian travel industry to highlight New York as a premier travel destination and stimulate more tourism.
  • Initiatives like the Travel Trade Academy program have been introduced to facilitate easier communication for travel industry professionals from both countries, offering Hindi subtitles alongside the information.
Estimated Indian Tourists in NYC (2024)Approximately 3,83,000 Indian travelers expected
Increase from Previous YearAnticipated 14% surge compared to 2023
NYC Tourism Recovery93% of pre-pandemic visitation levels achieved in 2019
Total Visitors to NYC (2023)61.8 million
Projected Total Visitors to NYC (2024)Expected to reach 64.5 million, aligning with pre-pandemic levels
Importance of Indian Market for NYCAcknowledged significance, collaborative efforts with Indian travel industry
Initiatives IntroducedTravel Trade Academy program, offering Hindi subtitles for better communication
Important pointers in table format


  1. Anticipated surge of Indian tourists in New York City in 2024.
  2. 14% increase in Indian travelers compared to 2023.
  3. NYC’s tourism rebound and projected visitor numbers for 2024.
  4. Significance of Indian market for NYC tourism and collaborative efforts to promote tourism.
  5. Introduction of initiatives like the Travel Trade Academy program for better communication.

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