Important information for FIFA world cup fans entering Qatar via road by Abu Samra

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The next FIFA World Cup in Qatar is expected to attract 1.5 million spectators from other countries. The vast majority of supporters will be traveling to Qatar by air medium; nevertheless, there is a sizeable contingent that intends to drive to Qatar from border nations . Fans from neighboring nations like UAE and Saudi Arabia will have the chance to drive into Qatar, however, few limitations and check were put on the same. Below are the Important information for FIFA world cup fans entering Qatar via road by Abu Samra.

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Important steps for FIFA world cup fans entering Qatar via road by Abu Samra

The Ministry of the Interior, in coordination with the various authorities in the country, tournament security and safety partners, and tournament organizers, has announced that the Abu Samra land border crossing will be ready to receive World Cup fans beginning on November 1, 2022, and will remain open until the end of the tournament.

The Ministry of the Interior made an announcement on the procedures that are to be followed upon arrival at the Abu Samra border crossing in accordance with the Hayya card category that has been awarded.

As part of the Ministry’s readiness to interact with members of the general public at the Abu Samra border post, certain procedures have been implemented. The most notable of them are as follows:

  • Providing quick and free transportation from the checkpoint to Al-Messila in downtown Doha and to the Family and Friends Meet and Greet Area in Al Qalayel, which is two kilometers away from the border. Al-Messila is located in Al Qalayel. Fans have the option of getting rides from friends or family members who live inside the nation, or they might hire a private taxi service to drive them to their accommodations once they are there.
  • Assigning a spacious and pleasant tent that is equipped to handle more than 4,000 people per hour.
  • Increasing the number of passport desks that are located at the checkpoint in order to better accommodate tourists, citizens, residents, and other types of visitors to the nation.

The implementation of the procedures outlined in this article for the admission of World Cup spectators over land borders will begin on November 1, 2022 and continue until December 23, 2022. Additionally, people who seek to enter Qatar are need to provide the passport that is linked to their Hayya account in order to do so.

The entrance steps that need to be followed at the land border checkpoint split into following categories in order to make them easier to understand:

Categories of fans travelling via road to Qatar

  • Citizens, residents, and citizens of GCC countries with Qatari ID (Cars with Qatari number plates)
  • Fans with an exceptional entry permit
  • One-day fan
  • Arrivals via Buses
  • Humanitarian cases

1) Citizens, residents, and citizens of GCC countries who are in possession of a Qatari ID card make up the first category (cars with Qatari number plates)

Their input must be as consistent as would be expected under typical conditions, with the following caveats:

A Qatari license plate is required to be displayed on the vehicle that is transporting them.

It is not required to have a Hayya card.

2) Spectators who have been granted an unusual admission pass.

They are the fans that seek to enter with their own automobiles, and in order for them to do so, they need to obtain an entrance permission for their vehicle that has been granted via the Hayya platform. In order to get it, one must fulfill all of the following conditions:

A minimum of five nights at a verified lodging that has been vetted and authorized by the Hayya platform (for the driver only).

Submit a vehicle entrance permit application on the official Hayya site. If authorized, an email with a link to acquire the automobile insurance online will be issued.

Upon completion of the insurance, the applicant must follow up on the platform within 24 hours to get the permission by paying a non-refundable cost of QAR 5,000.

There should be a minimum of three individuals in the vehicle and should not exceed a maximum of six passengers, while all of them should hold a Hayya card.

The vehicle entrance permit may be used just once (not for repeated visits) (not for multiple visits).

Do not drive your vehicle in the restricted zones that were declared in advance at the press conference that discussed the transport limitations that will be in place in certain places and on certain roads during the tournament.

3) One-day fans make up the third type.

Those who are arriving via the Abu Samra land border simply to attend one or more matches during the span of 24 hours are the only ones who will be permitted to enter and depart Qatar without a previous hotel reservation. However, the following requirements are necessary for their admission.

Carry a Hayya card (one-day fan category)

Before entering Qatar, you may use the Hayya platform to make a reservation for a parking spot at the border for your vehicle in advance.

The first twenty-four hours of parking after admittance are provided free of charge.

On the second day, a service fee of one thousand Qatari Riyals will be applied. If the car has been parked for more than 48 hours after admission, the vehicle will be towed, and additional QAR 1,000 towing fee will be imposed. (The user’s email address that was used to register for the platform will get an email including a link that may be used to make an electronic payment.)

Take one of the Qatari buses from the Abu Samra checkpoint to either Doha Central Station (Al Messila) or the Family and Friends Meet and Greet Area at Al Qalayel.

Beginning November 1, 2022, the parking reservation service will be accessible with the use of the Hayya card and will be open to the public.

4) Arrivals by Bus

The following requirements must be met in order for those traveling by bus to be allowed entry:

Every passenger is required to have a Hayya Card with them at all times.

You will need to complete the entrance procedures into the nation after you have reached the arrival lounge at the checkpoint.

Take the Qatar buses from the border to Doha Central Station (Al Messila) or to the Family and Friends Meet and Greet Area beyond the border at Al Qalayel. Both of these locations are located outside the border.

5) Humanitarian cases

For people who do not possess a Hayya card (only applicable for travel via airports), the following applies:

Submit an application on the website of the Ministry of Interior in order to receive the permission. The website’s address is

Applications will be evaluated, and a response will be sent within the next six hours. If all of the requirements are satisfied, the applicant will get the permission in their inbox by email.

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