How to promote a hotel/resort in the Indian Market?

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How to promote a hotel/resort in the Indian Market? Indian tourists are no doubt considerably essential for any tourist destination. Around the world, destinations have given specific importance to Indian tourists to grow. Countries to boost the tourism economy have started giving visa relaxations to Indians. Just like destinations, Hotel accommodation properties also need Indian tourists to grow into profits especially when they are newly built and wants to build the name in the market.

How to promote a hotel/resort in the Indian Market?

Some resorts in Tourist countries like Maldives, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka etc are specifically built to target the Indian market. For example, there are ample Villa’s in the UBUD area of Bali, Indonesia that is entirely dependent on Indian tourists. These villa’s run through very clever strategies that give them space in the Indian market.

Strategies to promote hotel/resorts among Indian tourists

Online Booking Portals

Putting Inventory on Online booking portals is quite a useful strategy however it comes with many drawbacks. These online portals put properties in a lot of competition. Also in an already established destination where there are lakhs of competitive properties, it becomes quite difficult to get the share.

Offline Agents

Promotion through offline agents is one of the best strategies of growth for hotels, villas and resorts. The biggest mistake properties do is ignoring offline agents and allowing Online portals to fully manage the bookings. Offline travel agents work relentlessly to sell the inventory in depth.

Indian Cuisine

If the property is in a different country, showcasing Indian cuisine will prove to be a good option. Indians are very particular about the food. A big number of Indians look for purely vegetarian meals even when they are outside their territory. Preparing Indian food is not a difficult thing be it in any part of the world. Also, people of other nationalities also like the cuisine and ask for it.

How can we help Hotels to make existence in Indian Market

No, we are not a marketing agency! We are in the Indian travel industry for years. We have a group of thousands of travel agents around the world. Lestacworld Holiday Planners acts as an aggregator between travel agents and hotels. Travel agents need a business-friendly environment that gives flexibility and growth opportunities.

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