Indian Embassy Assists Passengers in Detained Airplane Amid Suspected Human Trafficking Case in France

Indian Embassy in France Assists Passengers Detained in a suspected human CaseThe Indian Embassy in France has sprung into action after a Nicaragua-bound airplane, carrying 303 Indian passengers and originating from the UAE, was grounded in France over suspected human trafficking concerns.

In a statement shared on social media platform X, the embassy confirmed the detention of the airplane in a French airport and assured that embassy team members have already reached the scene to provide consular assistance. The embassy emphasized that they are actively investigating the situation while ensuring the well-being of the passengers involved.

According to a report by ‘Le Monde’ newspaper, the investigation has been taken over by France’s national anti-organised crime unit, JUNALCO. Special investigators are currently questioning all passengers on board, with two individuals already in custody pending further examination, as stated by the Paris prosecutor’s office.

The prefecture in the northeastern department of Marne revealed that the A340 aircraft, operated by Romanian company Yarn Airways, was grounded at Vatry airport following its arrival. Vatry Airport, situated 150 kilometers east of Paris, primarily serves budget airlines.

Initial reports suggest that the airplane, which was en route to refuel, was carrying 303 Indian nationals, many of whom may have been employed in the UAE. After landing in France, passengers were initially kept on board the aircraft before being released and provided with individual accommodations within the terminal building. The entire airport premises were cordoned off by police.

Authorities acted on an anonymous tip indicating possible human trafficking onboard the flight. Subsequently, passengers were relocated to the main hall of Vatry airport, where sleeping arrangements were made for them to stay overnight on Thursday, according to the administration for the Marne region.

Multiple agencies, including a French organised crime unit, border police, and aviation gendarmes, are collaborating on the investigation to uncover the full extent of the situation.

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