After Russia The world Cup should have gone to USA – Sepp Blatter Shamelessly said

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Sepp Blatter, the FIFA president in 2010, made headlines when Qatar was given the privilege to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.There were allegations that officials in FIFA were bribed by Qatar to get the hosting rights of 2022 FIFA world cup. Sepp Blatter was the one who actually proposed this idea of organising FIFA world cup in middle east. In one of the friendly match which was organised in Qatar, sepp gave this statement. Around, 30 days later, Qatar won the FIFA world cup hosting rights for 2022. Presently in 2022, “After Russia The world Cup should have gone to USA – Sepp Blatter Shamelessly said” .

He Also added – “It’s a country that’s too small,” Blatter said of Qatar, the smallest host by size since the 1954 tournament in Switzerland. “Football and the World Cup are too big for that.

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How Qatar got FIFA world cup hosting rights for 2022

Sepp Blatter said on November 17 2010 –

“The Arabic world deserves a World Cup. They have 22 countries and have not had any opportunity to organize the tournament”. Blatter also praised Qatar’s progress: “When I was first in Qatar there were 400,000 people here and now there are 1.6 million. In terms of infrastructure, when you are able to organise the Asian Games (in 2006) with more than 30 events for men and women, then that is not in question”.

Many people are under the impression that the innovative concept of Qatar playing host to the FIFA World Cup in 2022 was conceived on November 17, 2010, however this is not the case. This day saw Argentina take on Brazil in a friendly international encounter that was played in Qatar. The match, which was well planned, took place on this date. At the time, Sepp Blatter was serving as president of FIFA, and he voiced his approval of having the World Cup in nations in the Middle East. In spite of the fact that it was originally thought that an united offer from the main Arab nations would be presented, Qatar was the only country that participated and had the foresight to go through with this.

In May 2011, Lord Triesman, who was the chairman of the English Football Association, leveled charges of bribery and corruption against two members of the FIFA Executive Committee. These allegations are based on specifics that were divulged by a source who wished to remain anonymous in connection to Qatar’s bid to host the FIFA World Cup. In 2011, Sepp Blatter, who had previously served as the president of FIFA, stated that there was widespread support for rerunning the 2022 election that Qatar had won.

According to evidence presented in May 2011 to a parliamentary investigation board in the United Kingdom, Jack Warner of Trinidad and Tobago and Nicolás Léoz of Paraguay demanded, in exchange for their votes, a sum of four million dollars and an honorary knighthood, respectively.
According to two reporters from the Sunday Times who testified in court, Jacques Anouma of the Ivory Coast and Issa Hayatou of the Cameroon were each offered $1.5 million to support Qatar’s candidacy for the tournament. This was done in order to help Qatar’s bid to host the competition. The claims have been rejected by all four of the aforementioned parties.

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