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Safest indirect 3rd country route for UAE

Safest indirect 3rd country route for UAE

Safest indirect 3rd country route for UAE – Due to surfacing of Delta variant virus in India , countries around the world are holding back direct flights from India . It is the reason people who study, work and live in countries like Canada , USA or UAE are stranded in India and that too from months.

People who are stranded just wants to come out of the situation and are choosing Indirect routes of travel, in this particular article we will be talking about people who are willing to reach UAE by indirect routes and are searching for the safest route 🙂

Safest Indirect route to UAE

Well, Nothing is safest at the moment as it is a very unprecedented times but we shall try to elaborate the pros and cons of all the routes possible 🙂

India to UAE Via Maldives

Well, after Maldives opened its doors for Indians in the mid of July, this awesome exotic island started to get popular among travellers who wants to travel from India to UAE . These people are using Maldives as an indirect route to reach out to UAE and many of them has already successfully reached to their final destination 🙂

Pros of Using Maldives as an indirect route to UAE

  • Direct flight to Maldives from India
  • Familiarity between India and Maldives
  • On Arrival visa Processing
  • You can also Experience the beauty of Exotic island

Cons of Using Maldives as an Indirect route to UAE

  • Limited resort options opened for South Asians in Maldives
  • No entry in Maldives City for South Asian people
  • Expensive flight connections from Maldives to UAE
  • 15 Nights long stay

Few things to keep in Mind

India to UAE Via Qatar

India to UAE via Qatar also started in the month of July and has already become the first preference of travellers who want to travel to UAE via Indirect routes 🙂 Effective 12 July 2021, the State of Qatar will permit entry to travellers holding tourist or family visas, who are fully vaccinated with a vaccine recognised by the Ministry of Public Health. They may not need to quarantine on arrival.

Pros of Using Qatar as an indirect route to UAE

  • Availability of direct flights
  • Availability of Hotels in better prices
  • Availability of Connection from Qatar to UAE

Cons of Using Qatar as an Indirect route to UAE

  • No written confirmation from embassy (Whenever we tried contacting them on Calls, Mails and twitter, we never got confirmation on the validity of route) , however people are travelling and reaching their destinations
  • It is important to be vaccinated by the recognised vaccines by MOPH(2 doses of Covid Shield and a gap of 14 days after 2nd dose works)
  • Children from Red list countries have to be vaccinated to travel , which is not possible in the case of India (No exemption)

Few things to keep in Mind

  • As India to Qatar flights comes under Air Bubble so return ticket is required
  • Approval from Ehteraz app is required to be taken within 72 -12 hours of travel, if only 12 hours is left then they only in special cases they will give approval
  • It usually takes time to get RTPCR report in Doha, they say minimum 12 hours hours should expect almost 24 hours

India to UAE Via Serbia

Flights from India to UAE via Serbia are becoming saviours for Students who are travelling UAE from India to resume their courses . With the unfortunate introduction of Delta variant of Corona virus, many countries has put bans & restrictions on Indians travelling to their mainland and UAE is one of those .The most tested indirect route to UAE is Serbia , people since May are using this particular route to make their way to UAE.

Pros of Using Serbia as an indirect route to UAE

  • Already tested by 1000’s of passengers to UAE
  • Hotel availabilities is not an issue
  • Vaccination Certificate is not required
  • It does not come under Air bubble so return ticket is not required

Cons of Using Serbia as an Indirect route to UAE

  • Flights are very expensive as of now with very less availability
  • Covid cases are becoming a concern

Few things to keep in Mind

  • Hotels should be near Airport

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