Know about Vasai, a village in Gujarat, Sabarkantha

Know about Vasai, a village in Gujarat: In the heart of Gujarat lies the charming village of Vasai, where time seems to slow down and every moment feels special. As you plan your trip to Vasai, let me take you on a tour through the wonderful memories my family and I shared in this beautiful place.I am Ruchita Bhatt, your tour guide to Vasai, Gujarat. I want you to see and feel Vasai, Gujarat, where my loved ones memories are still alive.When you see the houses, the roads, and the hills, you also imagine my family’s happy moments there, including those of both the living and the departed.

Vasai is famous for its hill called Vasai Dungar, where a temple sits at the top. This temple isn’t just a place of worship; it’s also where my family and I made many happy memories. We used to go hiking there together, enjoying the views and feeling connected to our ancestors, who visited the temple for generations.

But the best thing about Vasai is its people. My Jiji, Dayi Ben, lived there alone, but she was never lonely. The villagers were like family to her, always bringing her vegetables and stopping by for a chat over a cup of tea. Their kindness made Vasai feel like home to us.

In the evenings, Vasai would come alive with the sounds of families and friends spending time together. My brother, cousins, and I would explore the village, soaking in the simple joys of life. In Vasai, time seemed to move slower, with everyone going to bed early and waking up with the sunrise.

One of our favorite places in Vasai was a small shop where Jiji would buy us sweets. It was a small thing, but it meant a lot to us and reminded us of the love we shared as a family.

As I share these memories with you, I can’t help but feel grateful for the time we spent in Vasai. Though my Jiji and mother, Vishakha, are no longer with us, their love still fills the air in Vasai. I hope that as you explore this village, you’ll feel their presence too, and experience the magic that makes Vasai so special.

So as you wander through Vasai’s streets and take in its beauty, remember the love and happiness that my family and I found here. And may your journey be filled with joy and discovery, just like ours was in Vasai, Gujarat.

Here is the poem for my loved ones who will always be there in my heart:

In the heart of Vasai, where the hills kiss the sky, I lived with my Jiji, Dayi Ben, beneath the sun’s warm sigh. Beside her, my mother, Vishakha, has a gentle stream of love. Together, in Vasai’s embrace, they danced within a dream.

Vishakha, my mother, her love, an endless flow, With each sunrise, her laughter would glow. She showered us with kindness, like petals in the breeze. In her arms, we found comfort amidst life’s ebbs and seas.

Jiji, dear Jiji, in Vasai’s tranquil hold, shared her wisdom and her stories untold. With each step, she painted memories in bright and true colors, guiding us through Vasai’s paths beneath the blue sky.

In our home in Vasai Village, love blossomed, like flowers in full bloom, with my mother’s tender care, dispelling every gloom. Jiji’s presence was a guiding light in Vasai’s gentle sway. Together, we embraced each moment in the village where we’d play.

Though time may pass and loved ones may depart, their spirits linger, etched within our hearts. In Vasai’s tender embrace, their love forever thrives, As we journey through life’s valleys, where their memory survives.

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