Incident of misbehavior by Lingaraj Temple Servitor Leads to Arrest

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A shocking incident unfolded at the revered Lingaraj Temple in Bhubaneswar as a servitor was apprehended for alleged misconduct towards a female foreign tourist. Identified as Kundu Mohapatra, the accused has been taken into custody under sections 354 and 354(a) of the Indian Penal Code by the Commissionerate Police.

DateLocationAccusedChargesAction Taken
February 19, 2024Lingaraj Temple, BhubaneswarKundu MohapatraIPC Sections 354, 354 (a)Arrested by Commissionerate Police
Details of case of misbehavior by Lingaraj Temple Servitor

According to initial reports, the incident occurred near the northern gate of Lingaraj Temple, where the tourist, hailing from Sweden, had sought to explore the sacred premises. However, her visit took an alarming turn when the accused servitor purportedly escorted her to view the temple’s presiding deities and reportedly behaved inappropriately with her.

It has come to light that this is not the first time the accused has faced such allegations, having been arrested previously for similar offenses.

Addressing the matter, Bhubaneswar’s Deputy Commissioner of Police, Prateek Singh, disclosed that the complaint was lodged by the Swedish tourist, who detailed the incident that transpired on February 19, 2024. Subsequently, the Lingaraj Police swiftly registered a case, leading to the detention and subsequent arrest of the accused, who was presented before the court.

Singh emphasized the prompt response of law enforcement agencies in addressing the concerns of tourists, ensuring their safety remains paramount. Furthermore, he pledged continued coordination with temple authorities and servitor representatives to prevent any such untoward incidents in the future, safeguarding the reputation of Bhubaneswar and its revered shrine.

In light of this incident, it is imperative to prioritize the security and well-being of visitors to Lingaraj Temple, underscoring the need for vigilance and proactive measures to uphold the sanctity of this cherished religious site. Authorities remain committed to maintaining the dignity and respect associated with Lingaraj Temple, ensuring it remains a place of reverence and tranquility for all devotees and visitors alike.

Key Points:

  1. A servitor at Lingaraj Temple in Bhubaneswar arrested for alleged misbehavior with a female foreign tourist.
  2. The accused, Kundu Mohapatra, detained under IPC sections 354 and 354 (a) by Commissionerate Police.
  3. Incident occurred near the northern gate of Lingaraj Temple; tourist from Sweden filed complaint.
  4. Law enforcement swiftly responded, registering case and apprehending the accused.
  5. Authorities reaffirm commitment to tourist safety and vow to prevent future occurrences through collaboration with temple authorities and servitor representatives.

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