All About Travel for Life Summit 2024

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Delhi is set to host the ‘Travel for Life’ Summit 2024 on March 8th, a collaborative effort by the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI), the Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI), and the Hotel Association of India (HAI). Here’s what you need to know about this groundbreaking event:

Certainly! Here’s a table presenting the details of the “Travel for Life” Summit 2024:

DateMarch 8th, 2024
VenueHotel Le-Meridien, New Delhi, India
All About Travel for Life Summit 2024

Key Points:

  1. Initiative Overview:
    • The summit aims to reshape the tourism and hospitality industry by advocating for sustainable practices aligned with economic, social, and environmental goals.
    • It will take place at Hotel Le-Meridien in Delhi and pledges to position India as a leader in tourism and hospitality excellence globally.
  2. Focus on Sustainability:
    • Central to the summit’s agenda is the “Travel for Life” initiative, launched by the Ministry of Tourism under the Mission Life banner, advocating for sustainable tourism practices.
    • The initiative aims for a paradigm shift in tourist behavior and industry practices by integrating sustainability into the core of the tourism sector.
  3. Significance of the Summit:
    • Against the backdrop of India’s G20 Presidency and the transformative New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration (NDLD), the summit aims to harness the collective expertise and innovation of various stakeholders.
    • Participants will include government officials, industry leaders, diplomats, global agencies, practitioners, and media representatives, convening to devise actionable strategies for sustainable tourism development.
  4. Endorsement of the Goa Roadmap for Tourism:
    • The summit’s significance is underscored by the NDLD’s endorsement of the Goa Roadmap for Tourism, outlining pathways for the industry to embrace green tourism, digitalization, skill enhancement, support for MSMEs, and efficient destination management.

Summit Goals and Objectives:

Mainstreaming SustainabilityElevating discussions on sustainability across the tourism sector for long-term viability.
Sharing Best PracticesPresenting case studies and success reports from global contexts to inspire stakeholders.
Framework DevelopmentProposing actionable frameworks aligned with the Goa Roadmap to embed sustainability into tourism.
Technology and InvestmentHighlighting the role of technology and green investments in achieving sustainable outcomes.
Motive for Travel for Life Summit 2024

Conclusion: More than just a conference, the “Travel for Life Summit 2024” aims to catalyze change, guiding the global and national tourism sectors towards sustainability and resilience.

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