All about safari at Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP)

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The highly anticipated leopard safari at Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP) is on the verge of commencement, pending final preparations. Forest, Environment, and Ecology Minister Eshwar Khandre recently instructed the forest department and zoo management officials to expedite the leopard safari project, aligning it with the existing lion and tiger safaris.

Safari at Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP) Safari at Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP)
1. Anticipated Timeline2. Enclosure Design
The launch of the safari depends on successful bondingThe safari site spans 20 hectares with meticulous
and training of the animals. Officials estimate a launchdesigned enclosure featuring high-rise mesh and
within a month and a half, pending smooth progress. Ifstrategically placed fences to prevent animal escapes.
If the model code of conduct is enforced, the launch may
be delayed until May or after the code is lifted.
3. Animal Population4. Staffing and Administration
The site currently houses around 12 leopards, withMinister Khandre emphasizes hiring additional personnel
capacity for 20. All leopards are under one year of ensure timely wage payments. Expedited payments to
hand-reared after rescue within their first two months.Staff on special task forces are also directed.
5. Forest Protection Measures
Strict action urged against individuals setting fires toJoint inspection reports on forest encroachment are to be made
forests. Joint inspection reports on forest encroachmentpublicly accessible for transparency.
to be made publicly accessible for transparency.

Key Points:

  1. Anticipated Timeline: The launch of the safari depends on the successful bonding and training of the animals. Officials estimate that if everything proceeds smoothly, the safari could be opened to the public within a month and a half. However, if the model code of conduct is enforced, the launch may occur in May or after the code of conduct is lifted.
  2. Enclosure Design: BBP has allocated 20 hectares of land for the safari, featuring a meticulously designed enclosure with high-rise mesh and strategically positioned fences to prevent potential animal escapes. The enclosure has been crafted to eliminate escape routes, considering the agility and cunning nature of leopards.
  3. Animal Population: Currently, the safari site houses approximately 12 leopards, with a capacity of 20. The animals, all under one year of age, were hand-reared in the zoo after being rescued within their first two months of life. BBP boasts a total of 70 leopards, 19 tigers, and 19 lions within the zoo premises.
  4. Staffing and Administration: Minister Khandre emphasized the importance of hiring additional personnel, including temporary workers, to ensure timely payment of wages. He also instructed officials to expedite payments to staff members in special task forces.
  5. Forest Protection Measures: Minister Khandre issued a stern warning against individuals involved in setting fires in forests, urging officials to take strict action against offenders. Additionally, he directed officials to make the joint inspection report on forest encroachment publicly accessible, promoting transparency and accessibility for all stakeholders.

The imminent launch of the leopard safari at BBP is expected to enhance the park’s offerings and attract a greater number of visitors, further enriching the wildlife conservation efforts in the region.

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