Tourist behaviour that local people in Paris hate?

As the countdown to the Olympic Games in July begins, and with Paris attracting approximately 40 million tourists annually, it’s essential for visitors to understand the local culture and etiquette to avoid unintentionally irritating the locals. Here’s a list of common mistakes tourists make in the City of Light:

1. Expecting Paris to Be Like “Emily in Paris”

  • Some locals are not fond of television series being filmed in their neighborhoods and the influx of followers treating the city like an Instagram playground.

2. Contributing to Rising Costs

  • Popular tourist spots becoming hipster hubs can displace locals and inflate prices, making it challenging for them to enjoy their own city.

3. Fashion Faux Pas

  • Wearing inappropriate attire, such as activewear outside the gym, or trying to imitate Parisian fashion without success, can lead to unwanted attention.

4. Misunderstanding Service Expectations

  • Unlike in some countries, Parisian service may not always cater to specific requests, and tourists should be prepared for a more straightforward approach.

5. Mishandling Baguettes

  • Biting off the tip of a baguette while walking home may attract curious glances from locals.

6. Overestimating New Year’s Resolutions

  • Tourists should avoid projecting their New Year’s resolutions onto French locals, as the cultural approach to self-improvement may differ.

7. Misinterpreting Relationship Dynamics

  • Relationship expectations and dynamics in France may not align with those in other countries, leading to misunderstandings.

By being mindful of these common missteps, tourists can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable experience in Paris while respecting the local culture and customs.

Table: Common Tourist Mistakes in Paris

Tourist behaviour that local people in Paris hate?Description
Expecting “Emily in Paris” ExperienceTourists may anticipate Paris to resemble the glamorized portrayal seen in television series, causing tension with locals.
Contributing to Rising CostsPopular tourist spots becoming trendy can displace locals and inflate prices, affecting the city’s authenticity.
Fashion Faux PasWearing inappropriate attire or attempting to imitate Parisian fashion unsuccessfully can attract unwanted attention.
Misunderstanding Service ExpectationsTourists should be prepared for a straightforward approach to service, as Parisian hospitality may differ from other cultures.
Mishandling BaguettesImproperly handling a baguette, such as biting off the tip while walking, may draw curious looks from locals.
Overestimating New Year’s ResolutionsTourists projecting their New Year’s resolutions onto French locals may misunderstand cultural attitudes toward self-improvement.
Misinterpreting Relationship DynamicsDifferent cultural norms regarding relationships may lead to misunderstandings between tourists and locals.
Tourist behaviour that local people in Paris hate?

This guide aims to help tourists navigate Parisian culture respectfully and enjoy a memorable visit to the iconic city.

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