Pune Airport mismanagement continues; People are missing flights

Pune Airport Chaos: Travelers Stranded as Mismanagement Continues

In a concerning turn of events, Pune Airport is grappling with mismanagement, leading to a significant number of people missing their flights. The apparent lack of a clear strategy has left both passengers and airport staff confused and frustrated.

One passenger, Mr. Ajay, shared his ordeal after arriving at the airport at 5:30 am for a 6:40 am flight to Amritsar (AI9503). Initially queuing up for the entry check, Mr. Ajay and others were redirected to the Digi Yatri line by a staff member. This digital process, however, proved challenging for Mr. Ajay, a senior citizen unfamiliar with such technology.

Expressing his concerns to the staff at the Digi Yatri line, Mr. Ajay was reassured that anyone could use it. Unfortunately, upon reaching that line, he discovered the necessity of a digital process with no alternative. Despite assistance from a helpful staff member, the attempt to retrieve his Air India booking failed after 15 minutes. Frustratingly, he was then asked to return to the regular lane, which had now become crowded.

Inside the airport, the chaos continued as airline staff added to the ordeal. Unaware of whether the tickets were for Air India or Air India Express, they forced senior citizens, including Mr. Ajay and his wife, to switch between multiple lines. The climax came at the counter, where they were informed that their flight had departed 10 minutes early, leaving them stranded without assistance.

Adding insult to injury, the airline staff claimed that their airline did not fall under the Digi Yatri system, questioning why passengers wasted time there. Shockingly, this was not an isolated incident, with more than 10 people facing similar issues simultaneously, resulting in missed flights due to the combined mismanagement of both the airport and the airline.

This incident underscores the urgent need for Pune Airport authorities and the concerned airlines to address these systemic issues promptly, ensuring a smoother and more organized experience for all travelers.

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