Marathon at Pangong Lake: A kind initiative

A one-of-a-kind marathon, focusing on the effects of climate change on Himalayan glaciers in Ladakh, is set to be organized on February 20th on the frozen Pangong Lake near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China.

Key Points:

  1. Second Edition: This marathon, now in its second edition, will be held at an elevation of approximately 4,350 meters above sea level, showcasing the unique challenges of running on a frozen lake.
  2. Sustainability Commitment: Organized by the Adventure Sports Foundation of Ladakh (ASFL) in collaboration with the Tourism Department and Ladakh administration, the event emphasizes sustainability. There will be no use of plastic water bottles or waste-producing products during the marathon.
  3. Unifying Power of Sports: The organizers highlight the unifying power of sports to bring people of diverse races and religions together, especially in addressing pressing issues such as the climate crisis.
  4. Limited Participation: The marathon is intentionally limited to 50 runners of all abilities this year. Globally, frozen lake marathons, like the Icebug Frozen Lake Marathon in Norway, have gained popularity as thrilling adventure activities.
  5. Official Recognition: The event, recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Highest Frozen Lake Half Marathon, aims to promote winter tourism in Changthang and advocate for sustainability on a global scale.

Event Details:

  • Location: Pangong Lake, Ladakh
  • Date: February 20th
  • Marathon Types: Full and Half Marathons
  • Safety Measures: Medical team and hot water stations at 5 km intervals, with an ambulance on standby.


The marathon serves not only as a challenging adventure but also as a platform to raise awareness about the impact of climate change on the fragile Himalayan ecosystem. By fostering a spirit of sustainability and global collaboration, it aims to make a meaningful contribution to addressing this pressing issue.

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