Cheapest food in Singapore

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Cheapest food in Singapore – Singapore, known for its reputation as an expensive city, might surprise foreigners with its hidden gems offering affordable dining options. One such place is Tiong Bahru Market, where visitors can indulge in delicious fare without breaking the bank.

Highlights of Affordable Eats at Tiong Bahru Market:

  1. Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice:
    • Enjoy a plate of curry rice with breaded pork cutlets and braised pork for just US$4 (S$4.80).
    • Despite the affordable price, the flavors are exceptional, with tender pork and rich curry sauce.
    • Prepare to queue as this stall attracts a crowd, testament to its popularity among locals.
  2. Hong Heng Fried Sotong Prawn Mee:
    • Try the Hokkien mee for only US$3, a dish that exceeds expectations with its bold flavors.
    • Despite its simple appearance, the dish impresses with its depth of flavor and generous portions.
    • Visitors find the pricing very reasonable considering the quality and taste of the food.
  3. Guan Huat:
    • Quench your thirst with a refreshing chestnut and sugarcane drink for just US$1.
    • Perfect for washing down hearty meals, this beverage offers a sweet respite from the heat.
  4. Zhong Yu Yuan Wei Wanton Noodle:
    • While the premium char siew may be sold out, the wonton noodles priced at US$4.50 still satisfy.
    • Despite missing out on the premium option, visitors praise the authentic flavors and generous portions.
  5. Tiong Bahru Mian Jian Kueh:
    • Indulge in some peanut and coconut pancakes for only US$0.75 each.
    • These pancakes impress with their light and fluffy texture, offering a delightful end to the meal.

Overall Experience:

Visitors to Tiong Bahru Market are pleasantly surprised by the affordability and quality of the food offerings. With breezy outdoor seating and a wide variety of stalls, the market provides a welcoming atmosphere for diners to enjoy their meals. Despite Singapore’s reputation for high costs, Tiong Bahru Market stands out as a haven for budget-conscious foodies, offering delicious meals at wallet-friendly prices.

Loo’s Hainanese Curry RiceCurry Rice with Pork Cutlet and Braised PorkUS$4 (S$4.80)
Hong Heng Fried Sotong Prawn MeeHokkien MeeUS$3
Guan HuatChestnut and Sugarcane DrinkUS$1
Zhong Yu Yuan Wei Wanton NoodleWonton NoodlesUS$4.50
Tiong Bahru Mian Jian KuehPeanut and Coconut PancakesUS$0.75 each
Cheapest Food costs in Singapore
Q: What are the operating hours of Tiong Bahru Market?

Tiong Bahru Market is typically open from early morning until late evening. Most stalls start serving breakfast at around 6:00 AM and continue until dinner service, which ends around 10:00 PM. However, exact operating hours may vary for individual stalls.

Q: Is Tiong Bahru Market accessible by public transportation?

Yes, Tiong Bahru Market is easily accessible by public transportation. The nearest MRT station is Tiong Bahru MRT Station, which is just a short walk away. Additionally, there are several bus stops nearby, making it convenient to reach the market by bus.

Q: Are there vegetarian or vegan options available at Tiong Bahru Market?

A: Yes, Tiong Bahru Market offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. While some stalls specialize in vegetarian cuisine, others offer meat-free versions of traditional dishes. Visitors can find dishes like vegetarian noodles, rice dishes, and snacks throughout the market.

Q: How much should I budget for a meal at Tiong Bahru Market?

A: The cost of a meal at Tiong Bahru Market can vary depending on the stall and the dishes chosen. On average, expect to spend around US$3 to US$5 per dish. However, there are also cheaper options available, such as snacks and drinks for less than US$1.

Q: Are there seating areas available at Tiong Bahru Market?

Yes, Tiong Bahru Market has ample seating areas for diners to enjoy their meals. There are both indoor and outdoor seating options, with tables and chairs provided throughout the market. However, during peak hours, seating may be limited, so it’s advisable to arrive early or be prepared to wait for a table.

Q: Can I pay with cash or a card at Tiong Bahru Market?

A: Most stalls at Tiong Bahru Market accept cash only, so it’s advisable to carry Singaporean dollars when dining here. However, there may be a few stalls that accept card payments, but it’s always best to have cash on hand to avoid any inconvenience.

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