Holiday Packages for Parents
Holiday Packages for Parents

Tour packages for Parents

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Tour packages for Parents. When we grow young we reach a stage where we realise that now it is time to do something for our parents. One of the things you can do is make them feel confident by gifting a dream tour package for parents.

We at love to understand the motive and then design an itinerary. It is believed that this relationship is one of the purest and the intention is only loving. Our company already have ample experience in drafting Holiday packages for parents.

After the 2020 pandemic situation, it has become very important to travel safely. Especially when the loved one is travelling it is important to arrange everything perfectly. Also, there are different travel rules for every destination.No one would want their loved one to get stuck in a new place. It has become very important to go with expert advice.

Best Holiday destinations for parents

Holiday destinations can be decided as per the preferences of the travellers. We find people above 50 restrict themself to travel to abroad due to less confidence. If it is the case, then you should try to boost their confidence by forcing them to visit foreign countries with’s help. We are not putting foreign destinations ahead of domestic Indian beauty as we strongly believe that destinations in India and way more capable than any other place in the world.

Let us point out the best foreign holiday destinations for parents first –

Bali tour Package for parents

Bali is one of the most visited foreign countries by Indians for tourism. People usually think Bali is a destination for Honeymooners. However very few know that Bali is a place that represents the ancient Hindu culture. There are Ganpati, Vishnu and Garuda temples that has so much importance in Hindu culture. Religious people especially visit Bali to attend the Hindu celebrations and Kathas.

If your parents are religiously inclined then there cannot be a better place than Bali for them. Even if they are not looking to travel to a religious place, they can enjoy the beautiful beaches, water sports, Private pool villas and whatnot :).

Best time to Travel to Dubai – 12 Months

Nights Recommended – Minimum 6

Visa Requirements -On Arrival entry

Dubai Tour packages for Parents

Dubai though in the middle east but is home to many Indians. It is a combination of Infrastructure, Culture and business tourism. It is just 4 hours flight from India. If your parents are travelling then Dubai can be a good option. Indian food is very easily available. Dubai has a lot to offer be it Burj Khalifa, Desert Safari, Atlantis the palm or Ferarri world. Language is also not the bar in Dubai. People in the hospitality industry are almost Indians or Pakistanis.

Best time to Travel to Dubai – August to February

Nights Recommended – 5

Visa Requirements -Tourist E visa required to be applied through an agent

Singapore tour package for parents

Singapore is Asia’s one of the fastest-growing infrastructural economies. It is not only focusing on financial aspects but also on tourism. Singapore, once barren land has become a dream destination now. Singapore is just 4 hours flight from India and is a loved destination among families.

It has been named as a yard for the wealthy. And it’s faithful that this tiny town-state does hold a special gloss of money.

Few famous attractions in Singapore that can attract your parents

  • Marina Bay Sands
  • Gardens by the bay
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Singapore Zoo
  • Orchard road
  • Singapore Flyer
  • Raffles Hotel Singapore
  • China Town
  • Sentosa Island
  • Clark Quay
  • Universal Studios Singapore
  • Merlion Park
  • Changi Airport

Best time to Travel to Singapore – July to March

Nights Recommended – 4

Visa Requirements -Tourist visa is required to be applied

Sri Lanka tour packages for parents

Sri Lanka is the neighbouring country of India. The most beautiful coastal landscape in southeast Asia is in Sri Lanka. It has got Beautiful people with a rich culture and extraordinary beaches that will make the journey awesome for your parents.

Sri Lanka is just an hour away and offers everything that is expected in a complete destination. Colombo, Bentota, Nuwara Eliya and Kandy are a few mind-blowing cities of this beautiful country. The food in Sri Lanka is quite similar to the South Indian food in India.

Best time to Travel to Sri Lanka – July to March

Nights Recommended – 6

Visa Requirements -E form is required to be filled

Maldives tour Package for Parents

The Maldives is an island on the subcontinent. It is famous for its Luxurious island resorts. The island is built of 100’s of atolls. These atolls are built by the lava split by volcanoes on the sea millions of years before. The luxurious island resorts are built on these island atolls. Overwater villas are the speciality here. People around the world visit Maldives island because of its beauty.

There isn’t a better experience than staying on a small island with all the world-class facilities around. You can gift the leisure moments to your parents. This will be memorable for your whole life. Also, read –rules and recommendations to be considered before travelling to Maldives & 2+1 N Angaga Island Resort & SPA (All-Inclusive)

Best time to Travel to Maldives – September to March

Nights Recommended – 4

Visa Requirements -On Arrival visa

Serbia tour package for Parents

Serbia, though not quite popular among Indians but is very beautiful. Serbia is a country based in the Balkans part of Europe. The most exciting thing is it offers an Arrival visa for Indians. If your parents are interested in history, museums and mountains then it can be a good destination for them.

The capital city of Serbia is Belgrade. The country is beautifully infrastructures and is a truly European thing. Along with Serbia countries like Albania and Montenegro can be clubbed.

Best time to Travel to Serbia – March to September

Nights Recommended – 5

Visa Requirements -On Arrival visa for Indians

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