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    Adit Sarin

    Car rental in Qatar during FIFA world cup ! More than 2.5 million FIFA match tickets have been sold. It suggests that a large number of fans from all around the globe will visit Doha during the time in question. This article has been developed to help people understand whether or not fans should hire cars in Qatar when the FIFA World Cup is taking place. In addition, what are some of the more viable alternatives?

    Stephen Simond

    When I visit Qatar, I will without a doubt get a rental car . Using public transportation will likely be an extremely challenging option for commuters. When I visited Qatar in the past, I saw that the country’s regulations were not as stringent as those in Saudi Arabia. I experienced Dubai’s leniency in the same way.

    The last time I went, we drove there in a hired vehicle, and it went without a hitch.

    Donal Machet

    From Which company you rented a car when in Qatar. We are worried about traffic jams and parking issues. We have heard that there will be too much of rush during this period.Hope to get more information about car rental in Qatar during fifa world cup.

    Warren Mathew

    Only now is the time to obtain the best rate on your car rental if you can afford it. Even the possibilities for renting a car during the days of the FIFA World Cup have grown too pricey.

    Alexander matic

    I have already booked the car on rent for our 3 nights Visit to Qatar.This portal helped us to compare and get good deal.I am sharing it so others can be benefitted.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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